Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuguegarao City (Land of the Ibanags)

Poem and Photographs by Chester B. Cabalza
Copyright © 2011 by Chester B. Cabalza. All Rights Reserved.

- To the Ybanag youth

When I have these qualms that I might not see
My culture's impeccable legacy
Before the faces of young men to be
Like helpless, endangered eagle as me

When I consider how my life is spent
In the rich culture once treasured in tent
memories of my ancestors extinct
Passing to youngsters, less I think

When the time I shall return unto dust
I'll bring in the sky customs I've spent last
Before my ancestors I offer present
Hold like a rich garner; rest in content

From: C.B. Cabalza's Anthology of Poems, entitled, "Earthbound Spirits and other Poems" (1998)

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