Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What about the Six Thinking Hats of Edward De Bono?

Goodness! Every training workshops I am attending lately at the defense and security establishments are using the famed SIX THINKING HATS!

According to workshop designers, the Six Thinking Hats is intended to gain knowledge of the Six Thinking Hats Framework; learn to maximize the power of each of the Six Hats; practice focused parallel thinking; and gain insight into the skill of lateral thinking.

Edward de Bono is the proponent of the Six Thinking Hats who is a leading international authority on creative thinking. He has written over 67 books and worked in major corporations and governments in more than 50 countries over the last 30 years. Such an impressive resume that he invented the term, "lateral thinking".

The six thinking hats are colored blue, white, red, yellow, black, and green, in that order.

The Blue Hat is called the "Managing Hat" - he has characteristics as the "Control" hat; he organizes the thinking; sets and focus agenda; summarizes and concludes; and ensures that the rules are observed.

The White Hat is deemed as "Information" - these are information we know; information we need; what information are missing; how are we going to get that information; facts and figures presented in a neutral and objective manner; determines accuracy and relevance; and looks at Other People's Views (O.P.V).

The Red Hat is clothed with "Feelings, Intuition, and Gut Instinct" - there is the permission to express feelings or emotions; no need to justify; represents feelings right now; keep it short; and a key ingredient in decision-making.

The Yellow Hat is blessed with "Benefits, Opportunities, and Feasibility" - he has optimistic view; reasons must be given; needs more effort than the black hat; finds the benefits and values; and considers both short-and long-term perspectives.

The Black Hat is bedeviled with "Risks, Difficulties, and Problems" - he has skeptical view; critical and logical; reasons must be given; points out thinking that does not fit the facts, experience, regulations, strategy, and values; points out potential problems; and is a devil's advocate.

The Green Hat is endowed with "New Ideas, Possibilities and Solutions" - he has a creative thinking; seeks alternative and possibilities; removes faults; doesn't have to be logical; and generates new concepts.

So, what kind of thinking hat are you?

Acknowledgment: Armed Forces of the Philippines for using this revolutionary decision-making framework in different training workshops!

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