Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Search of Galleons and Ships

Poem and Photographs by Chester B. Cabalza
Copyright © 2011 by Chester B. Cabalza. All Rights Reserved.

It once shone
like a gigantic star in the sea
but the sea, unmasked
mysterious tales.
The earthen vessels deciphered
profound antiquities...

almost four hundred years
a memory withdrawn in
oblivion before the truth revealed,
a mythical history by a heroic story,
depraved our minds
of Antonio de Morga's
one-act play?

In Fortune islands: a place of
outright cowardice. When rival
Dutch (Mauritius) fired cannon balls
to an admired galleon
a shipwreck haunted by
a mendacious ghost

the galleon buried,
rebuked under the sea of
disgraced tidal waves

But the antiquities spoke
for itself, it happened
The once majestic galleon,
sunk in its purest soul,
resurrected to grandiose
mysteries and discoveries

And it became the soul of the past...

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