Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hundred Islands (Waiting to Exhale)

Poem and Photographs by Chester B. Cabalza
Copyright © 2011 by Chester B. Cabalza. All Rights Reserved.

In the deep end of the gulf
When natural born divers
Swim gracefully, among the
School of fish, the beracudas,
And many creatures in a
Vast body of a deep blue sea
Only goggles as their apparatus
To explore the finest haven
Or empire that few can only see

They hold their breath
Crawling like an ell, to catch
A glimpse of an underworld sanctuary,
Peculiar colors of fish flash
To their sight, jellies as lanterns,
Corrals as grotto of tiny school,
Seahorses robe the majestic kingdom.
Beneath the endless basin,
A fortune of ornaments and splendor
Amaze divers
and like fish, they are bestowed with
Gills to breath underwater,
The mermen and guardians
of creatures of the abyss

So when divers exhale
No way the whale splash their breath,
Is like an astonishing relieve
To glance once more
The dome of the earth,
Heedless, the clear skies
Ready to clasp them in
Their resurrection,
And all the while they inhale

Then the underwater
Guzzle them again
To see more of the power
Down, down, down...

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